All properties are reviewed initially to access their specific nuances, but the KEY AREAS of focus are:

Financial Control

  • Accurate detailed and timely monthly profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow reports
  • Weekly departmental revenue reports
  • Rolling annual profit and loss forecast
  • Robust budgets and scenario analysis.
  • Robust internal controls
  • Purchasing controls
  • Detailed weekly forecasting of payroll costs
  • Food and beverage stock control
  • Daily management of debtor and creditor reports
  • A forensic review of existing cost structure to enable cost savings

Sales and Marketing

  • Develop a strong brand position & plan for the property
  • Strategy to focus on key sectors such as leisure, corporate, tour series, etc
  • Realignment of a sales team
  • Online marketing strategy focusing on website & brand web
  • Social media
  • Effective yield management
  • High impact, consistent and relevant literature
  • Public relations activity – local & national
  • Management 3rd party booking engines & operators
  • Strong local & national advertising
  • Relevant sales-driven promotions
  • Effective sales & marketing planning
  • Reservations, effectiveness and outsourcing

Operational Controls

  • Review and realignment of existing management and staff
  • Review skill levels of the team and customer service delivery
  • Review reporting procedures within the organisation
  • Operational forecasting and business planning
  • Review product and service delivery standards
  • Customer feedback action plans
  • Ongoing training provided by HR and Fáilte Ireland
  • Motivation and team building
  • Commitment to exceeding expectations of the property’s client

Human Resources

  • Payroll control and forecasting
  • Redesign departmental training plans
  • Employee records keeping
  • Recruitment procedures
  • Fáilte Ireland training
  • Team development
  • Multi-skills training
  • Labour cost ratios
  • Fixed versus variable cost ratios
  • Internal communications
  • Benchmarking against industry norms
  • Compliance with employment law regulations